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Conditions for Membership

Criteria for Joining SAICSIT

Professional and Educational

  • a relevant three year qualification plus two years of relevant experience, or
  • a relevant four year degree plus one year of relevant experience, or
  • relevant masters or doctoral degree.

Relevant degrees would include BSc with computer Science, BCom with Informatics or Information Science, BEng with Computer Science. Experience includes working in a computer related job (in its widest sense), lecturing, teaching or research. All applications are evaluated individually and feedback is given if your degree or experience does not meet the level yet.

Ongoing Commitment

There is no annual membership subscription for SAICSIT: it is built in to the conference fee. It is expected that members remain active in the Institute by attending the annual conference. The By-Laws of the Constitution state:

An active member of the Institute is a member who:

  1. was admitted as a member of SAICSIT in the previous 18 months; or
  2. attended the annual research conference in the current or previous year; or
  3. notified the Honorary Secretary by email in the current calendar year that they wish to continue as a member of SAICSIT and that they continue to subscribe to the goal of SAICSIT; or
  4. paid any fees to SAICSIT

Once you are a member, and the membership list is working properly, you will be notified well in advance of any commitments you have.

Termination of Membership

You may resign as a member. You can also be terminated if you are inactive, or if you deviate from the aims and objectives of the Institute. There are full details about termination in the Constitution.